The Hairy Aureolas are Robbie Nipple (Drums & Vocals) & Pauly Nipple (Guitar & Vocals). They are a blatantly POLITICALLY INCORRECT, hilarious musical/comedy team and are equally offensive to everyone!!!! Definitely not for the faint of heart.

Since their birth in 1997, the Hairy Aureolas have hosted and appeared on several television shows including Fox’s Magic Hour with Magic Johnson and ABCs Philly After Midnight.

They both come from television backgrounds. Pauly has been involved in projects for ABC, CBS, and VH1. Robbie has handled the cameras for TLCs Trading Spaces as well as several other shows.

They entertain with two sets of crazy original songs such as: Fat Guy in a Speedo, Wet Fart at My Girlfriends house when I was eating dinner with her parents, and Midget. They’ve been called the offspring of the Smothers Brothers even though Pauly is no Tom and Robbie is no Dick. They’re supple, succulent and terrified of razors! They are The Hairy Aureolas!